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Arepitas are a delicious pan-fried corn bun popular in Latin America (Venezuela and Colombia) and naturally vegan and gluten-free. Each one is handmade with a nod to the traditional “Budare” process, but with a modern and creative twist, resulting in flavourful, crisp on the outside, tender and fluffy on the inside Arepas.



The Arepita Slider concept was designed to not only meet the growing demands of the vegan and gluten-free consumer market as well as the rise of online delivery concepts, but to also tackle one of the biggest challenges we are facing as a global community; food waste.

Designed to offer customer value and improve sustainability in the hospitality industry, our packaging and cutlery is eco-friendly and the Arepitas themselves can be stored for later and reheated in the toaster (the fillings come separately and should be kept in the fridge).

The benefit to having slider-sized Arepas is that you can mix and match freshly made fillings to find the perfect combo at the same cost as if you were to purchase from a traditional Arepa shop. It's fun, fresh, versatile and it never gets boring. They are ideal for sharing with friends, family, even colleagues in the office, Although not traditionally suitable for delivery, the team have developed a recipe allowing the Arepitas to travel whilst retaining its unique structure and flavour.



For more than fifteen years Felipe and Veronica had been developing restaurant concepts together, providing management, strategic planning, marketing and design and have a proven record of successful concept development. They have the knowledge and expertise to create and define restaurants, the brand positioning and expansion, from the initial idea through to the construction, start-up and beyond. 

Felipe and Veronica have both advised and eaten in different restaurants around the world including big cities like Chicago, Miami, California, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Paris, Caracas, Santiago de Chile, San Juan, and of course, London. They were the creators and founders of SushiOlé (Madrid 2004-2008), Sushi House (Mallorca 2008-2010), Japo Express (Mallorca 2010-2011), Oh! Sushi (Miami 2011-2012), Sugoi JPN (London 2018-Currently).


The hospitality industry has recognised their concepts and their brand Sugoi JPN has received many awards and accolades as a result, including: 

  • Best Takeaway Chef in Britain 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Finalist for Best Takeaway in Central London 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Takeaway of the Year (East London) 2020 – The Food Awards London
  • Finalist for The Good Food Awards 
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Yes, we miss all of you and we really appreciate all your likes, comments, emails, calls, text, help and unconditional support during these difficult months due to the Covid-19. This has given us strength and hope to continue bringing joy and coolness to people with our food.

Tooting Broadway SW17  Opening Sept 17th

Once again, Gracias / Thank you for being here with us.

Nos vemos pronto / See you soon


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