Part of Arepita’s fabulous success is working with great entrepreneurs who enjoy running their own business with the full family support of our many years of experience.

If you have the drive to own your own business or want to maximise your current operational kitchen with an award-winning brand sister then now is the time to get in contact.

The Arepita's future is bright!    Yes, delivery continues to grow and will grow year on year.   With the investment in the industry through the delivery partners it’s a very bright outlook indeed.  All of our franchise partners to date have either expanded with us already or have confirmed plans in place for expansion to build on the success!

In future we are opening physical stores for customers to come and meet us face to face.  Isn’t always just about fantastic food, it’s about the great people too and we’re franchising in this space with select partners too.



A recent research study in the UK and other market shows that consumers are positive about the availability of food deliveries.

  • 39% of consumers expect to order more food online
  • 70% agree deliveries can help consumers deal with the crisis
  • 63% worry about limited access to delivery due to restaurant closures
  • 82% of the customers agree that delivery will be more important than ever
  • 85% of customers say they will order delivery the same amount or more often than they did before the pandemic.
  • 65% agree they’re spending more on takeaways, to givethemselves something to look forward to
  • 43% of parents say they have less free time than before the pandemic

Lockdown has changed consumer behaviour, as groups and families are forced to stay at home.
During lockdown, customers that chose to cook before are now coming to the food delivery market with group orders, or for a treat. Right now, there's a lower than normal supply and higher consumer demand. A good ordering experience now means the same customers have you in mind longer term.

In some countries more than 40% of the restaurants reported medium or high intent to reopen one or more sites. In the UK and other markets, it's reassuring to see demand for food delivery continuing to grow.

Delivery and takeaway food is an increasingly important feature of urban living, uptake is highest in the capital, a high percentage of customers claiming to have used a delivery platform when ordering.

Technology has been the catalyst, driving uptake via mobile platforms and digital marketing. Full service delivery platforms, like Deliveroo, open up new channels.

The consumer wants choice and convenience - to place an order online or through an app, and to receive a restaurant-quality meal at home.

The food delivery industry is exploding 20% Year on Year Growth. The global food delivery market will be worth £365B by 2030.



  • Italian 49%

  • Japanese 30%

  • British 18%.

  • Latino American cuisine shows consumer desire for more authentic Latin flavours and dishes



We are looking to rapidly grow the business with qualified entrepreneurs who offer the right mix of expertise, enthusiasm and sufficient capital to fund it.
We support our partners with:

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Start-up assistance
  • Comprehensive training
  • Operations manual
  • Supplier assistance
  • On-site training
  • Marketing assistance
  • Audits and inspections
  • On-going menu, concept and operational improvements
  • 50% of parents want more free-from choice for kids

  • Strong demand for more free-from products for special occasions

  • Free-from products need other reasons to buy to win over non-users

Estimated at £934 million in 2019, the UK free-from food and drink retail market has enjoyed stellar growth over the past five years, more than doubling in value, supported by a raft of factors. The dairy-free/lactose-free segment continued to outpace gluten-free/wheat-free in 2019, with sales estimated to reach £517 million and £416 million respectively.

Consumer interest in free-from products supporting digestive health and those catering for special occasions is growing drastically.

 After you read this information, you'll probably have more questions about how could you take this opportunity. If you are not ready yet, that's ok. We still want you as a happy costumer. You can feel confident knowing that Arepita Sliders is a quality individual who cares about service and community and is committed to being #1 in its field.


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Yes, we miss all of you and we really appreciate all your likes, comments, emails, calls, text, help and unconditional support during these difficult months due to the Covid-19. This has given us strength and hope to continue bringing joy and coolness to people with our food.

Tooting Broadway SW17  Opening Sept 17th

Once again, Gracias / Thank you for being here with us.

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